Why choose Acupuncture and Lifetime Wellness
as YOUR acupuncture studio? 

The mission of Acupuncture and Lifetime Wellness is to help each person better understand the relationship of their body, mind and spirit, and to understand how to best nurture each unique but related part to bring wholeness and healing to the entire person. 

Because of her own experience as a patient who struggled for over a decade to become well, Teri understands the challenges of making sustainable lifestyle changes that can lead to better well-being.  She believes that acupuncture has many applications, and is elegantly suited to support change for all aspects of healing. In a world with lots of choices, oftentimes the advice of someone who has travelled down a particular path is wisdom gleaned from experience. 

 Acupuncturist Teri Duff has travelled the healing path as a patient, now acupuncturist.  Her journey began with being diagnosed with Epstein Barr virus in her early 20’s, and later being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia/ chronic fatigue syndrome, Degenerative Disc Disease and eventually Meniere’s disease which affects balance and hearing.  When her rheumatologist told her there was nothing she could do to help herself besides manage her symptoms using pharmaceuticals, Teri decided that there had to be a different way, a path she had not yet discovered, and she embarked on the journey to heal her body that eventually led to her becoming a licensed acupuncturist.  Her personal healing incorporated various complementary modalities, including nutritional support from vitamins and herbs, dietary changes, chiropractic care, energy work, the martial arts, and acupuncture which she still uses today to maintain her good health. 
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